5 Reasons Why You Need a Tankless Water Heater

Have you ever had a shower unexpectedly turn cold? Pretty unpleasant, isn’t it?  If you have ever ran out of hot water at home here are 5 reasons from Pykles Remodeling and Repairs illustrating why you need a Tankless Water Heater.

1) Continuous Hot Water –> A Tankless Water Heater heats water on demand. That means no storage or shortage of hot water.

2) Energy Savings –> A Tankless Water Heater can be up to 40% more efficient than a 50-gallon tank water heater. This means that our tankless units could save you up to 40% on your hot water energy bill!

3) Longer Lasting –> Tankless water heaters have a typical life of up to 20 years. This can be twice as long as a tank style unit.

4) Clean & Fresh Water –> With tankless you avoid using water that has been stored in a tank with accumulated rust.

5) Space Savings –> Tankless hot water heaters take up significantly less room than traditional water heaters. Mount on a wall or install indoors or outdoors.

With the versatility, longevity, efficiency and size of any tankless water heater, isn’t it time to upgrade? If you’re tired of running out of hot water or know someone who needs a tankless water heater call Pykles Remodeling and Repairs today.


Pykles Remodeling and Repairs — 8348 Center Drive Suite A. — La Mesa, California 91942 — (619) 463-1600 — pyklesremodeling.com


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