The Elevance Tub by Kohler

The Elevance Tub by Kohler

This bathtub is incredibly unique in both it’s styling and functionality. It is called the Elevance Tub and it is manufactured by Kohler. The door (or shall we say front wall) of the tub acts like a heavy counter-weighted elevator which has a pneumatic seal that contains water once it is placed in it’s full upright and locked position. But because the door is engineered with internal counter-measures to displace it’s own weight it becomes as light as a feather when any bather attempts to move it up or down.

This particular tub was recently installed by the team here at Pykles Remodeling and Repairs and we must admit that installing it was a new experience that we were happy to have learned from. This tub has given our customer a safer bathing experience by eliminating some of the hazards associated with bathing as we age. Namely entering and exiting the tub more easily by having a larger landing platform to pivot to and from eliminating worries of slipping, tripping or falling.

Beautifully crafted and styled with chrome trim and complete with a hydro-massage system which allows you to really relax, the Elevance sets the standard when it comes to universal design.

As we watch our loved ones age in place we find ourselves thinking differently about life’s routines. We here at Pykles are proud to say that we have made a difference in our customer’s lives by providing a them with a bathtub that has been engineered and designed with their safety in mind. It makes us happy to know that what we do makes a difference in the lives of our customers.


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