The Time to Hesitate is Through

A Message from the Junior Pickle


And Welcome to the Pykles Family! Yes. That’s Right. I said Family. Since you have decided, or are considering doing business with Pykles you can expect a few things from each of us as Family as we move forward in helping improve whatever living space it is you and your Family call ‘Home’.

There’ve been times when I’ve personally called 8′ x 8′ shared rooms of trailers in Alaska home. Those certainly weren’t much of anything more than shelters from -30 degree weather, rain and bears mostly, but they had their own way of becoming ‘Home’ to me. And maybe you’ve had your fair share of ‘Home’ in different places too. But regardless of where or what it is you call ‘Home’, we understand and respect the fact that it holds a special place in your life and heart, and we thank you for inviting us to share in shaping that special place. 

To me, ‘Home’, is wherever I can sleep at night after a hard day’s work. It’s as simple as that being a bachelor. Home is just a place to sleep, eat and plan out what adventure I’d like to pursue next. But one day I hope to have a home that I can share with a Family of my own. And I hope that home will somehow encompass all the feelings and memories of the other homes that I came to love before it.

So again, whatever or wherever it is you call Home today, we thank you for trusting us with it. The Pykles Team knows what it means to be home. We know how your home can and should be for you and your Family, and we hope that we can help make those memories and moments a little sweeter by helping you build the house that you want to call home.

At Pykles we know that Life is good and that Home is where it happens. 


Tobias Pykles Image

Operations Manager (aka. The Junior Pickle)

Pykles Remodeling and Repairs

8348 Center Drive Suite A. La Mesa, California 91942

(619) 463-1600 P (619) 668-4683 F






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